Learn to use Google Maps API

Ever wonder what goes on below the hood when you generate a Google Map?

White Rock Solutions wants to give you a clue and teach you to do it within your text editor.

I first noted White Rock’s tutorials last month. The early tutorials I reviewed were ideal for people just starting out. In the meantime, White Rock has uploaded several advanced Google API how-tos that will teach you to:

  1. Sign up for a Google Maps API
  2. Create a custom template
  3. Add map controls
  4. Add placemarks to a map
  5. Add standard info windows
  6. Add tabbed info windows

By the fourth volume, you’ll have started from scratch and written code to create this:

If you’re interested simply in creating a custom map on the fly with a WYSIWYG interface, go to Google Maps and dive in or follow the basic tutorials at White Rock or any of the resources Mark Luckie notes at this useful 10,000 Words post.

But if you want to know what all those JavaScript commands in the source code mean, then White Rock’s tutorials will spell it out in plain English. Unless you’d rather dissect the code yourself.

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