Tutorials for those starting out with Google Maps

A screen grab of my Google Maps profileWhite Rock Solutions has some accessible tutorials for getting started with Google Maps, which I discovered from a comment on an earlier post.

I like what I see here. Most of this covers areas I’m already comfortable with, such as creating a custom map, adding placemarks or lines and sharing maps.

But I appreciate White Rock’s step-by-step thoroughness, the effective use of screen grabs and the easy, tabbed interface.

I tried the Google Maps profile. Of course, I already had a limited profile, but I thought I’d better give this site a test run.

Everything made sense, although I noticed a feature that White Rock’s tutorial didn’t cover: the ability to add links to social-networking profiles such as on del.icio.us, flickr and facebook. I wonder if these were added after the tutorial was published.

Click here or on the picture above for a link to my completed profile.

I’m going to keep my eye on White Rock because Kevin promises more advanced API tutorials coming soon.

Other mapping links:

3 responses to “Tutorials for those starting out with Google Maps

  1. Andrew

    Thanks for the positive review, it’s very much appreciated.

    I have updated the “My Profile” tutorial based on your feedback.

    The first API Advanced tutorials are now online with more coming online shortly. Register as a member on the http://www.whiterocksolutions.com website and I’ll send out notifications to members as soon as new tutorials are published.

    White Rock Solutions

  2. Hi Andrew

    I have published some great new Google Maps API Tutorials. on http://www.whiterocksolutions.com/

    I have also upgraded your account to provide you with full access to all the tutorials. If you like what I have done I would be really grateful if you could publish an updated review.


    White Rock Solutions

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