Spokane City Drive on Google Maps

On Monday we ran a story about the Old City Drive in Spokane, an excursion mapped out by the visitors center folks to highlight points of interest and charm in the Lilac City.

The city editor sent me a page of typed directions and asked me to post them with the story. I said OK but thought I’d go one up and replicate the drive in Google Maps. It was quick and the result, below, is embarrassingly plain. But I thought it might add something useful for a few readers.

On Monday morning, I was linking up content and read in the story that there was an online map of the new, longer city drive. When I found it at the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau website, I had to laugh: the folks there had also used Google Maps, and it looks like this.

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2 responses to “Spokane City Drive on Google Maps

  1. I like the city drive, sometimes I ride it on my scooter, so one day I looked for the map, and found the convention bureau’s google map. That’s not the city Drive! Why would the city drive me on i-90!!

    Thanks for posting your, more accurate, version.
    It makes WAY more sense.

  2. Hey, glad you find it useful, and thanks for the comment. I should give credit to Pia Hallenburg Christensen, the reporter who transcribed the directions. Those directions, of course, came from the convention and visitors bureau.

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