Sobering maps of newspaper cuts

This via cyberjournalist: An interactive map of newspaper layoffs and buyouts this year at The listed total is more than 4,880. You can also find one for 2007, which includes the cuts at my newspaper, The Spokesman-Review.

Two points: First, this map is more affecting than the daily reports on Romanesko or a simple number. Which is another example of why multimedia just makes information crackle.

Second, take a look at Erica Smith’s site while you’re there. She’s an accomplished news designer at a major metro who also has chops in flash design and mashing up data.

My news design background is scantier, limited to the B section and wire pages at the S-R and a few A1 design shifts at the Missourian. But I would love to develop skills and a portfolio like Smith’s. It’s one big way I can help avoid becoming part of her next map.

At right, one of my better page one efforts.

2 responses to “Sobering maps of newspaper cuts

  1. This map is sobering, but very compelling. I’m linking to this post from my blog Underwater Design. You have been quoted.
    — Annette

  2. Thanks, Andrew!

    Earlier this week, I posted a tutorial on how to create embeddable maps from spreadsheets — it’s easy to start and build skills from there.

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